BCG Platinion Hackathon 2023
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Are you interested in exploring new insights with a community of driven and passionate people from all around the world? Are you ready to build technical solutions to help craft the future of mobility?

If you are an IT architect, with a background in developing, or an engineer interested in IT consulting, or just someone who is deeply passionate about the tech universe, then this is for you!


Together, we will move the dial on creating efficient, sustainable, and convenient technical solutions—to address some of the most profound mobility challenges many of us face today.

We strongly believe that the best solutions are born out of great collaboration! We’re bringing together a tremendous group of global tech talent to work in small teams. The two-day on-site event will take place across our hubs in Dusseldorf, Paris, Milan, Casablanca, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile and São Paulo. 

You will hack together in workspaces, supported by a group of experienced BCG Platinion experts. At the end of the two-day Hackathon, each team will pitch their product—and yes, winners will be rewarded!

Participation is completely free and all event-related costs will be covered.

Stay tuned!

Does this sound about right for you? Pre-register for the Hackathon 2024 below and we will inform you as soon as application opens.


All over the world, mobility is undergoing unprecedented transformation. New mobility trends and technologies are emerging—and with that we’re seeing a shift towards increased mobility challenges.

From sustainable methods of transport, supply chain disruption to private transportation—we all sit in the same boat when it comes down to moving things from A to B. To tackle these challenges, we need solutions, and we need them fast—and that’s where technology can help us.

This year’s Hackathon is all about finding possible technical solutions for the future of mobility. Are you ready to think about new ways to solve transportation issues and supply chain disruptions with technology? Or come up with ways to use digitalization to enable transportation everywhere?

Let’s create an impact—together!

This was the
Hackathon 2022

The Hackathon 2022 was tailored to young professionals  with a passion for digital topics and coding, the curiosity to tackle new challenges, and the drive to make an impact. Watch the Video to meet last year’s Hackathon team!

BCG Platinion

As a seamlessly integrated part of the BCG network, BCG Platinion provides consulting services focused on the development and implementation of business-critical IT architecture and digital solutions, combining strategic perspectives with digital know-how.

We enable clients on their digital journey with a focus on IT architecture, digital transformation technology and data platforms, cybersecurity, and implementation management.