23-24 October 2020 – remote

We are excited to announce our first remote hackathon. Are you interested in exploring new ideas? Are you ready to create technology solutions for the next generation of our ways of working? Are you an IT architect, designer, software developer, engineer, or just someone who is deeply immersed in the tech universe?
In this year's edition of BCG Platinion's hackathon, #codingdigitalstrategies, we want to explore new ideas to make the lives of consultants even more efficient, sustainable, and convenient, while preparing them for the new challenges that will accompany the future new normal.
Better solutions are born not in isolation but out of great collaboration: Our aim is to bring participants all over Europe together on two days, cluster them into teams, and turn their ideas into reality! All activities of the hackathon will take place online. Teams will work together in virtual workspaces, supported by a group of experienced BCG Platinion experts. At the end of the two-day hackathon, each team will present its product in a short pitch—and yes, there will also be a prize for the winning team!
As a seamlessly integrated part of the BCG network, BCG Platinion provides consulting services focused on the development and implementation of business-critical IT architecture and digital solutions, combining strategic perspectives with digital know-how.
We enable clients on their digital journey with a focus on IT architecture, digital transformation technology and data platforms, cybersecurity, and implementation management.

Take a look at the 2018 hackathon event, which was a great opportunity for every participant to spend some time playing around with drones, VR goggles, and of course tons of Raspberry Pis and Arduinos.

Several cities, one goal—coding digital strategies. This hackathon is designed for young professionals currently working in Europe who have a passion for digital topics and coding, the curiosity to tackle new challenges, and the drive to make an impact. We would be happy to see broad, diverse participation.
Are you an IT architect, designer, software developer, or engineer with a digital background? Whatever your digital niche, this hackathon is for you. We have a limited number of slots available, so we ask you to submit your CV before October 1, 2020.
The application process is closed.
Thanks for your participation.
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When and where will the hackathon take place? The BCG Platinion hackathon will start around noon on October 23 and end on the afternoon of October 24. Although you will be working remotely during this year's hackathon, you will be connected with other participants from all over Europe.
Who should apply to BCG Platinion's hackathon? You should apply if you are a young professional who has a passion for digital topics and coding. If you are an IT architect, engineer, designer, technical consultant, or software developer who focuses on topics like creating apps, data science and engineering, or web solutions, this event is for you!
Are there any specific requirements regarding my IT skills? You should have at least some basic coding skills to participate.
How do I apply? Simply apply with your LinkedIn profile or submit your CV here by October 1, 2020.
What is the main language of the event? Since the hackathon is an international event, the main language will be English.
Do I need specific technical equipment at home? You will need a quiet working environment with a computer and a stable internet connection. A working webcam is also needed so that all participants can see each other. As we will be spending a lot of time in front of our computers, we recommend that you set up your computer with everything you need to work ergonomically, such as a mouse, keyboard, additional monitors, and so on.
In addition, you should have your favorite IDE already set up and ready to go; more details on this will be shared ahead of time.
What if I can only join on one of the two event days? Please avoid joining on only one of the two event days, since the hackathon requires teamwork. Although you will be working remotely, all participants will be divided into groups on the first day of the hackathon and will work on ideas throughout both days of the event. On the second day, the final results will be presented to the entire group of participants.
Will I incur any costs? There will be no costs for you, provided that you already have a laptop and an internet connection.